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Tiber Football Centre - #eVoNewBeginnings competitionTiber, based in Liverpool, is an organisation that supports 14-18 year old’s to achieve their goals in life and to become positive role models within and outside their community.

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Tiber are entering the competition to use the ceiling in the new Tiber Football Centre which is being built this year.

Chief Executive of Tiber, Debbie Wright, writes:

“Our neighbourhood features in the top 1% of the most deprived communities in the UK.  It has one of the country’s highest childhood poverty rates, low levels of educational attainment, high unemployment, poor health and lower than average life expectancy.   The opportunities here, for children and young people who are from diverse ethnic backgrounds, are few and far between.

“But this is not a tale of woe, far from it, this community, or more accurately its young people have found a reason to look forward, a reason to have hope and a reason to work together. They have a vision of creating world class facilities that raise aspirations, encourage and support people in achieving their goals and getting the best out of life.

“To help in the realisation of this ambition and fundamental to our values we work to deliver training and mentoring that enables local young people to develop leadership and enterprise skills, knowledge and experience; so that they are able to play a major part in local decision making processes and effect positive lasting change in their community.

“Tiber is governed by a Steering Group of 14 Young People who are the decision makers and who are in turn supported and mentored by a Board of trustees that includes; community development, communications, finance, legal, regeneration, building and development professionals.

“From the gifting of a 5 acre former school site to Tiber and an embryonic idea, some of our young people and a group of active volunteers;- gained development funding; undertook a major community consultation project; carried out market research and engaged an architectural design team to produce a concept and masterplan for the site, which will offer sports, arts and cultural services for children, young people and their families, tourist accommodation to young travellers and business premises for start-ups and young entrepreneurs.

“The velocity for this capital development scheme gained impetus in 2017 when FA facilities funding was secured to build a 3G football pitch and the ‘Power to Change’ granted £350,000 towards the construction of changing facilities and an education suite.  The pitch has been completed (May 2018) but cannot be used until the changing facilities are also ready, their construction starts mid May 2018.

“The contractor is a local community member and has agreed to build ‘at cost’, the external shell and internal walls for 4 team changing rooms, 2 official’s changing rooms, an office, kitchen and education room.  Another local company has agreed to help with the mechanical and electrical elements and community members will provide labour for tiling and painting.  We still need ceilings, doors, fixtures and fittings.

“Once up and running Tiber Football Centre will be the home to a number of local clubs, it will also host disability, girls and women’s football activities provided by Liverpool County FA.   In addition, Liverpool FC and Everton FC’s own charities have agreed to deliver free of charge weekly football coaching and summer schools for young people.  LFC will also provide school placements and University Internships to local young people and host recruitment days on the Tiber site for job opportunities with the club.

“By utilising innovative techniques and generating unique partnerships this project has enabled the community to lead on real decision making and to create a culture and ethos around the project that is already paying dividends.  Volunteers and professionals, artists and athletes, leaders and learners, the young and the old have come together to create a more positive future for the community and for the neighbourhood.

“Winning this competition would make all the difference between seeing an empty 3G pitch and seeing Tiber Football Centre fully accessible as a hub for the community, where people, whatever their background and ability, can socialise, will be encouraged to participate, work towards improving their health and physical fitness, become volunteers, develop their skills and talents and identify routes for progression.

“This is a future based on the optimism of children, the value of diversity, and the potential of a community to determine its own destiny.  This is an opportunity to invest in the energy and potential of Tiber’s young people.”

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