Pilsley CofE Primary School

pilsley cofe primay school armstrong evonewbeginnings competition entryPilsley CofE Primary School is a village school in rural Derbyshire.

You can find out more about the school on their website, and their PTA has a Facebook page.

We’ve been contacted by parent Silvio Murgia about the school hall. He writes:

“The school has strong links to our local church and community. We endeavour to create a purposeful and welcoming environment in which everyone is assured of individual care and attention.
“At the heart of Pilsley’s ethos lies a very genuine concern for the happiness and success of every child entrusted into our care. We pride ourselves that whilst being large enough to be able to offer excellent and constantly improving facilities, we are small enough to ensure that we know each of our pupils individually and this produces the secure and trusting environment which is vital for a child’s development.
“I am a father of two children who have both had a very happy and nuturing education at Pilsley, one of which still has another two more years to go. And working as an Acoustic Consultant, I know how important good school acoustics are to learning and children’s well-being at school.
“As for many village schools, the school hall is a very important space with a wide range of activities being carried out in it from sports, to music to dining to assembly. All of these activites benefit from having good acoustics – from being able to hear what the teacher is teaching, to enjoying a good lunch with your school mates.
“The hall ceiling looks like it may have been installed in the 1960’s. Replacing it with a new, high performance acoustic ceiling would benefit many generations of children and their teachers to come by helping to enhance a key learning environment for the school.
“And maybe help encourage the next generation of acousticians to continue to develop our understanding of acoustics in schools and how important it can be to a successful education.”

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