5th Boston Scout Group

5th Boston Scout Group - Armstrong #evonewbeginnings Competition entry5th Boston is a Scout Group based in the Lincolnshire town of Boston. Their scout hall needs a new ceiling – amongst other urgent works!

You can find out more about them and talk to them on their facebook page.

Chairperson David McGarry writes:

“We are a small group (although have the capacity to be bigger) who benefit in owning our own hall which was purchased several years ago after lots of hard fundraising. Since then our group has shrunk (along with many others due to stiff competition from other entities) although we carry on regardless as is the scouting way.

“Not much was done to the hall during its previous ownership and through diligent fundraising we have kept going and even managed to do some improvements of our own.

“We have refitted the toilets making one of them accessible for disabled (full disabled not being possible due to the constraints of the building itself), a few years ago a new kitchen and hot air heating unit were installed and most recently new cupboard space in the main hall and revamped office and tent store. We are currently in the process of sorting entrance ramps to both doors.

“Unfortunately when we were preparing to fit the hall cupboards, we found quite a lot of rot in the joists and the wooden floor is getting quite rough in places (it is the original floor so not done too bad as we believe it’s over 100 years old). The joists were repaired in places but our next main fundraising project is going to have to be for replacement of the floor.
At some point many years ago a false ceiling was fitted and this is also in a bit of a state. It was to be our next project along with new light fittings until we found out how bad the floor was.

“So to win this prize would be magnificent for us. It would be a weight off our minds (and the ceilings) and one less item for us to worry about. The photo I have attached is where part of the ceiling is starting to sag. I measured the room tonight and was surprised that it is just under 100m2.
“As spokesman for the group we would like to thank you for taking the time to consider us and wish everybody who has entered good luck.”

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